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Offering cookies with a purpose since 2020.

-   ABOUT US  -


Welcome to The Cookie Barn! My name is Andrea Smedshammer and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am as we enter this journey together.  God in all His wisdom and grace placed a vision in my heart and has paved a path to make it come alive. I am honored to be the wife to my husband, Joel, and the mother to our six children. (Bo, Ben, Bailey, Brady, Brooks and Blaze) Whew!! Yes!!! My quiver is full!  My greatest blessing and deepest joy is how God has uniquely designed and knit together our family through fostering and adoption. 

One thing you can count on at every family gathering is cookies!!! And not just any COOKIE…but the family favorite famous recipe, Oatmeal Cinnamon!  The passion to support foster and adoptive families and our family’s love for cookies has brought to life, The Cookie Barn.  Me, along with my brother, Mitchell, present to you “cookies with purpose. “

Although adoption and fostering are incredible blessings it also comes with a broken and painful story.  Helping our children navigate through the trauma of their story can be overwhelming and bring feelings of hopelessness. 

Encourage One Another is a ministry that seeks to support and encourage foster and adoptive families in various ways in order to keep families together and help children thrive.

Don’t just enjoy the cookies with a glass of milk but enjoy a full heart knowing you were a part of bringing hope to a journey. 


*A portion of every order goes to support Encourage One Another. For more information go to

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